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I want you to reach out. Let’s chat and discover where to next.

Welcome and thanks for stopping by.

I’m Lucius. I’m a Sydney male escort. A gentleman caller.

As a professional male companion, I fully understand and appreciate that this could be a daunting decision for you. Please rest assured that it certainly doesn’t need to be. You have taken the first step towards an experience to treat yourself in a safe place with a registered escort.

I’m not just a male escort – I’m a gentleman escort, a well-educated, worldly and curious professional. I’ve lived most of my adult life abroad. I have experienced the ups and downs that life can bring and certainly have stories to tell. But I love to listen – it’s something that comes naturally to me. I’m intrigued by others, and I’ve learnt that if you’re the smartest person in a room, then you’re definitely in the wrong room. Exploring the human mind is of major interest to me.

What started off as a great escape from reality has turned into something that has improved literally every area of my life. I run a successful business and family, and my life requires me to constantly operate at a very high level.

Lucius is my sexy, fun, passionate escape that I never knew I needed. Seeing him regularly allows me to escape into another world for a time and then come back to my reality and be the very best version of myself. I’m more present, efficient and so much happier in my everyday reality, and I certainly won’t be stopping seeing him anytime soon.” ~ Sarah

Lucius, Sydney Male Escort

Strengths as a Person

I am warm and empathetic by nature, with an honest and open mind to help facilitate your journey.

My strengths include deep listening, sensuality and a captivating energy that will put you at ease and allow you to explore the uninhibited desires that urged you to reach out.

I’m 43. I have brown eyes and I’m 175cm (5’9) in height.

Professionalism as a Male Escort

I take pride in my professional ethic. I promise zero arrogance, zero ego and zero complacency. I am every little bit the passionate and professional gentleman caller.

Discretion and your privacy are paramount and will always be respected. 

As a professional male escort, I take your health and my health incredibly seriously. For this reason, I undergo frequent and regular checkups. I’m also fully vaccinated.

Lucius, Sydney Male Escort

There is only one way to describe Lucius; an absolute gentleman in the streets, and a master in the sheets! What a night! I was pretty nervous when we first met, but Lucius was an absolute gentleman and made me feel comfortable right away!” ~ VL

My Invitation to You

So now that you’ve come this far, I’d be very excited to hear from you! Life is too short to miss a chance to indulge yourself – and what better way to start than with me?

You can, of course, book me to come to you wherever you may be, domestically (whether city or regional) or internationally.

Next step? Reach out to me – even if you’re still unsure.

I’m a passionate and professional male escort who will always respond to you – and directly to you – as quickly as possible.

You won’t go through a third party or a virtual assistant. You’ll hear from me.

You’ll only ever get me.

PS: I’m also very passionate about helping and nurturing male colleagues who are embarking on a career as a male escort, and offer a mentorship service. Please reach out if this is of interest.

Watch My Introduction Video

Lucius, Sydney Male Escort

Sydney Male Escort

Rather than listing my services, I say we discuss and agree discreetly?

My aim is to make you as comfortable and excited as you need to be for your mind to open to all the possibilities that we’ll explore together. I don’t believe services should be ‘scripted’, as we are all individuals with independent wants and needs. Nevertheless, rest assured ALL your desires will be fulfilled.

Experiences with me can cover, but are certainly not limited to, the following:

• Male Companion

• Professional Boyfriend

• Professional Boyfriend Experience

• Ultimate Boyfriend Experience

• Classy Boyfriend Experience

• BDSM Experience

• Bondage Experience

• An ultimate and combined experience of all the above

Although I’m a Sydney-based male escort, you can book me to come to meet you absolutely anywhere.

So, let’s get started. I want you to reach out.

Let’s chat and discover where to next – together.

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