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The true test for me was always going to be how I felt in the days after spending time with Lucius. I found I felt good and incredibly grounded within myself… more so than for some time. The absolute sexiest thing about Lucius is in his words – the thinking, curiosity and connectedness they reflect. Afterwards I realised I was sold before I met him by the thoughts he shares, be it on a website or an interview, which are more about the person he is, not simply what he loves doing for a living.

The anxiety and momentary doubts that ebbed and flowed before I met him in person washed away after he stepped through the door. From that moment there was complete congruence – he is as he sounds. His energy was spot on. He automatically went with the flow, chatted and gave me the time I needed to get physically comfortable and connect with him. He understood it was about my headspace first. Had it been 6 hours of chatting and gentle touching I think I would have been happy. It was the pleasant pressure free comfort I needed.

After a lovely meal and a diversion to a quirky basement bar, I was comfortable to explore more than chatting and closeness. Lucius’ approach to intimacy was perfect for what I could handle at this point in my journey. He read me well and certainly swept away the rust! He worked so deliciously hard and it was a novelty (dare I say a borderline revelation) for me not to be in my head at all, whilst I surrendered to Lucius’ strong hands. No active niggling guilt, doubt, self critique or inner voice pecking away in the background – I could just blissfully be.

From the moment I first reached out to Lucius 6 weeks ago my energy within my life began to turn – emailing him and taking that initial call represented the first step in owning what I needed for myself. I knew I needed this to begin to move forward at 50 after an incredibly long relationship, to rebuild my connection with my own body and rediscover who I am within myself when not defined by a traditional relationship. We’ve spent time together twice, and I look forward to exploring more with Lucius in future.

I offered to write this testimonial not for Lucius but for all you absolutely wonderful women out there who might be thinking about doing this for yourselves, whether it’s to reconnect with your body, heal your sense of control and calm with intimacy, discover what it is to connect with a person whilst feeling a tad vulnerable in your own skin or just remember what it is (or to experience it for the first time) to feel self centred joy and pleasure. Lucius seems to calmly know who he is, how he wants to be in the world and how he finds pleasure in connection with others. There is no arrogance, or performance with Lucius, he wants to give you the time, comfort and pleasure you need, learn about you, chat about life and share of himself and share pleasure with you. As nervous as you might feel, if you’ve gotten as far as reading my testimonial, then like me I suspect you know there is something you need to explore, feel or change on your journey and that something about Lucius resonates for you. Trust your instincts. I’m so glad I did.

x SM

May 8, 2024 at 10:41 am

So.. I only ever intended to see Lucius the once back in August this year. After 20 years of marriage and constant service mode I decided to do this one thing for myself. This has certainly turned into quite the adventure with me seeing Lucius as often as I can.

I’d call it sexual discovery and a whole lot of fun. The kind of things I have experienced sexually with Lucius have opened up a part of me I didn’t know existed. He has this presence in his sexuality that is both very dominant and masculine while at the same time providing that softness and sensuality that we all need in a man. Both these things have provided the feeling of safety for me to really explore my sexual desires. There’s no judgement just understanding.

I don’t plan on wasting my time on apps or anything of that nature now that I’ve found Lucius. I work hard in my life and Lucius is my reward. And what a sweet reward it is!! From amazing dinners and intelligent conversation with a well travelled handsome man to sexual discoveries with seemingly no limit on what we can explore. And to be a little vain.. clutching those biceps and running my hands over his muscular obliques is something I’ve gotten a little addicted to..

I’m very glad I reached out to Lucius. He’s a beautiful man and so very good at what he does! Can’t wait to see you again next week Lucius!


December 5, 2023 at 8:53 pm

I started seeing Lucius after I ended an arrangement with another escort who I initially thought was a good escort until the last appointment with him was completely unprofessional. There were red flags during the time I saw that escort and it is easier to say that in hindsight. I never intended to see another escort after that horrible last appointment. But decided to give it one more go and that is when I came across Lucius’ profile.

I wrote a testimonial for Lucius back on 4 April 2023, and I am writing another one 3 months later for women that are hesitant/nervous/undecided as to whether they should reach out to Lucius. I say to any woman reading this, ‘Reach out to Lucius, it will be one of the BEST decisions in your life!’. I say that from my amazing experience with Lucius, and especially since I am able to compare my current experience with Lucius who is only the second escort I have ever seen, to the last escort (who was my first ever escort) I saw, and honestly the experience with both are vastly different. It’s just been an AMAZING and EPIC journey with Lucius, which is not what I expected.

I never intended to see Lucius as frequently as I have since I first met him at the start of this year, especially after the really terrible experience I went through with the last escort I saw for over a year. I connected with Lucius so quickly and naturally from the first time we met. It was so different from my last escort experience where I now realise we didn’t have a good connection at all. Everytime I see Lucius it is always exciting and so much fun it just keeps getting better. I always look forward to our dates.

Lucius is an extremely beautiful, handsome, gorgeous, kind, patient, thoughtful, supportive, caring and attentive listener. He is an absolute gentleman, he has a heart of gold and is so much fun to be with. He is so passionate and truly professional at what he does, he set’s an extremely high standard for escorts/ companions. I am absolutely so happy that I reached out to him, it was the best decision I truly made. He has showed me how a woman should be treated, respected, and believe me he certainly knows how to treat a woman from his pure gentleness, to being an absolute gentleman and the intimacy with him is just fabulously HEAVENLY! He is always positive and encouraging with alot of wisdom, he never criticises or judges you. Lucius is completely genuine. You could not be in better hands than with Lucius. I’m extremely careful especially when engaging with an escort/companion and with Lucius I have felt completely SAFE with him at ALL TIMES. I’ve never ever felt uncomfortable with him, never scared, I’ve only felt happiness and warmth and everything else I have already mentioned when being with him, and it’s just so much fun spending time with him at lunch, dinner and/or in the bedroom. In the bedroom he is just INCREDIBLE! Let alone he has the most EPIC beautiful body but is yet so gentle and it can be how you would like it to be with him! That stunning, handsome, adorable face of his and cheeky cute smile what can I say it makes you melt! Each time with Lucius is never boring. We have alot of laughs together, chat about anything to everything, I feel extremely comfortable when I am with him from when we are out and when we are back in the bedroom having FUN! I am honestly myself around him. I don’t need to pretend around him, as he makes you feel absolutely comfortable around him. He is very thoughtful and attentive.

Lucius has actually helped me get through my last terrible escort experience. Each time we see each other our relationship just grows, it is one of mutual respect, kindness, warmth, fun, amazing intimacy together etc I could just carry on! I truly love this arrangement with Lucius as he just understands me! And I know he would be extremely BENEFICIAL to other women looking for an escort/companion on a frequency that would work for them and their situation.

So if you are still thinking if you should see Lucius, you honestly should just do it! You will certainly be in safe hands, as that is how I felt. He will make you feel amazing! He’s a truly SUPPORTIVE beautiful soul! Lucius has a beautiful energy about him that makes you feel relaxed and naturally comfortable around him. I’m so grateful to have met Lucius and continue to see him. (We already have dates booked into March 2024! Yes, next year already!)


July 4, 2023 at 9:23 pm

You should reach out to Lucius, as he provides an extremely safe environment, and is an absolutely beautiful soul. He honestly has amazing listening skills, is so very easy to connect with, he makes you laugh, he is so worldly, and is just so much fun and very kind and gentle.

Our time spent together has honestly being magical to me, lots of fun and giggles, natural and so really really easy. I’m very conservative, and he is just so easy to be yourself with him. He has this natural ability to make you feel comfortable. I actually wasn’t nervous the first time I met him apart from maybe the first few minutes. After that, it was just so natural. The conversation flowed with lots of giggles. There is no judgement, he is very supportive, checks in with you, and is very caring. You are really in very safe hands with such a beautiful, handsome, cute, gorgeous, stunning human being. PS He’s really really HOT! and I’m really looking forward to our future dates XX

April 4, 2023 at 2:28 pm

A few weeks ago I had my third booking with Lucius, which was 48 hours in length. After initially on the first booking seeing him for 4 hours and then 12 hours for the second, it was just a natural progression to see him for longer this time and there is no doubt I will continue to see him.

I’m a single mother of three in my mid to late thirties. So time is really a huge factor for me. I’ve had my fair share of successes and hardships in my life and after just being completely disillusioned with dating apps I decided to reach out to Lucius. The first and second bookings were amazing but the most recent booking has led me to write Lucius this testimonial.

Lucius is very far above and beyond what you may expect when you book an escort. The first 24 hours involved us going on a trek through the blue mountains, then back for a romantic and cosy quiet night in. The second day we went to Manly. Swimming in a few different locations. Followed by some beautiful walks and even better restaurants and a night out of fun and dancing!

Lucius is very chivalrous and has a way of calming me in his presence almost immediately. And of course, what follows in the evenings was epically amazing. His technical ability in the bedroom is not something I’ve ever experienced at all before all this. I believe it is his amazing sensuality, his use of touch, mixed with his clear experience and confidence in the bedroom. He is both so soft and sensual while also giving me the harder things I am craving all at once.

It really is the whole package for me that does it and draws me back in again. His ability to be such amazing company during the day. Road trips, treks, walks, meals and then to do what he does in the bedroom. Can’t wait to see you again Lucius.

January 25, 2023 at 3:40 pm

Seven months … that’s how long I’ve been seeing Lucius regularly. I see him twice weekly. I had tried other male escorts and they don’t come even remotely close to what Lucius offers. To put it honestly and simply he is the man most of us have always wanted and I’m so very thankful he provides the service that he does.

I am a married mid 30s woman with children based well and truly in the country. I also study uni full time as well as running a successful business. So you could say my life is hectic, busy, hard. All of the above.

Like so many of us, I was just always too busy juggling life to even notice how numb and disconnected I was getting. I feel like this is a lot more common than any of us realise.

I reached out to Lucius originally with very little expectations or understanding of what this could become. From our original booking forwards he just re-ignited something inside of me. My passion for life perhaps. I felt like my full self again. He gave me myself back somehow. It is quite difficult to describe.

Seeing him regularly was the only way this was going to go for me. Everything in my life is improved from seeing him. Kids, business, health. I am the very best version of myself and I really have a deep appreciation for him and what he’s given me.

What you see is certainly what you get with Lucius, he looks exactly like his photos. That body is heaven to touch and sexually the heights we have reached I didn’t even believe possible.
However, beyond the obvious of what an escort does is Lucius’ amazing personality. He has this presence that puts you at ease immediately. No awkwardness and he really listens and you can tell he is interested in the story you are telling. There is no pretending here. Just connection and support. What started out as perhaps more of a sexual connection had merged into a deeper experience. One where I would happily book Lucius for a 12-hour booking just for his company.

We’ve had pretty much every type of booking available. From a few hours to a few days. Day bookings, overnights. Every time has been perfection. He is always on time, efficient, professional, respectful but oh so cheeky and handsome.

I use the ‘fly me to you’ option as I am rural based and this has never been an issue, in fact Lucius seems to enjoy the travel and has always said he is happy to come to me.

He really knows me by this point of the dynamic between us and I would really highly recommend seeing him frequently or as often as one could manage as there is just everything to gain from this. I’m actually seeing him tomorrow again and I am just as excited as the first time! He does that.


June 20, 2022 at 6:12 pm

I have now seen Lucius 3 times in about as many weeks. There was a bit of a gap between making the first booking and actually seeing Lucius. He went above and beyond with keeping in touch during this time. The conversation always flowed and being able to be cheeky and chatty with each other really put me at ease for our first catchup.

Lucius is a genuinely lovely guy while also being so very sexy! His stamina in the bedroom is out of this world and he will make sure that you are having an amazing time. Time really does fly when you are having fun with Lucius.

I had never seen an escort before Lucius (I’m mid 40s…). Ladies, if you are on the fence about making a booking, just do it! I thought that I might see Lucius once and I just kept making more bookings. He’s amazing – treat yourself! X


April 4, 2022 at 6:02 pm

There is only one way to describe Lucius; an absolute gentleman in the streets, and a master in the sheets! What a night! I was pretty nervous when we first met, but Lucius was an absolute gentleman and made me feel comfortable right away! He took the awkwardness away by keeping the conversation light but extremely interesting. The sex was PHENOMENAL! He certainly does oblige and tend to your every need! And not to mention his stamina! 

Thank you for an orgasm filled night Lucius! x


September 6, 2021 at 2:18 pm

Thank you Lucius,

First time…

Luxuriating in bed this morning with coffee and a cat and feeling like it might have been an excellent dream…Except than I can feel it deep in my body as well…

Thank you for the thoughtful conversation…thank you for the sweet and steamy kisses…thank you for all of it. I think places may have been touched that were never touched before.

Feeling like a desirable happy human today…that has to be good hey 🙂

Second time…

So hot…

You were extraordinary and I feel like I got to tap my wild child again. And the sheer fun of it!…fun, great company and awesome sex wrapped up in a very gorgeous package…

Third time…

Sweet afternoon bliss. The few hours holiday out of a busy life that make all the difference…

Can’t wait for next time…


January 31, 2024 at 4:14 pm

Lucius was absolutely lovely – I’m so glad I reached out to him! He responded very quickly and immediately put my mind at ease. I felt a great connection from the very start, and meeting him was such a joy! He’s a great listener, and made me feel very comfortable, even when I was a bit nervous.

I’m a hypersexual person and really enjoy casual fun, which can be difficult to talk to people about, but I felt not an ounce of judgement from Lucius – he made me feel so comfortable in myself, so I didn’t have any worries at all and could just have a great time.

And what a great time it was! Lucius is super receptive, super hot, and he can give you exactly what you need 😉

I highly recommend contacting him – you won’t regret it!

June 26, 2023 at 5:58 pm

Lucius is difficult to describe in a way that does him justice. I began seeing him what feels like not too long ago. At that time I was married, pretty vacant and miserable. Seeing him as frequently as I could manage really turned things around for me in many more ways than I could possibly describe. I’ve since gone through a marriage separation and seeing him throughout this very rocky stage has been a godsend and given me much-needed strength and bravery to get through it all.

Lucius is so much more than just sex. But believe me, he is so very skilled in that area too.. So fit, sensual and so much stamina. He is also so kind, thoughtful and I feel like this has been said before in all of his other testimonials I’ve read. But he really does put you at ease immediately. Such a calming presence while also giving you such excitement and wanting. Isn’t that what we all desire really?

I’ve seen Lucius quite a few times now. We’ve had short holidays together to other capitals, we’ve had regular bookings close to where I live for convenience and also some epic Sydney adventures. Lucius is just as comfortable at an amazing fine dining restaurant as he is cooking for me and snuggling on the couch and its all the numerous amazing sides to him that make this whole dynamic worth pursuing.

If in doubt I say just reach out. Things go up and down in all our lives pretty frequently and I can unashamedly say that for me Lucius is my constant. As simple as that.


October 10, 2022 at 7:37 pm

It was an absolute pleasure seeing Lucius for the first time and I will likely continue seeing him. The pictures will tell you that he’s a gorgeous, lovely person with a warm smile but it’s honestly when you meet him that you get to experience his wonderful Energy. Conversation flowed freely and he was very kind and patient with me despite my nerves. He genuinely wants to please you and it’s always authentic. Our time in the bedroom was wonderful!

If you are thinking about seeing him, honestly just reach out. You can tell that he loves doing what he does and is very VERY good at it 😉


April 21, 2022 at 7:38 pm

I have now seen Lucius weekly for the past 3 going on 4 months so I thought it necessary to leave him a testimonial and hopefully help out other women who are quietly looking and wondering if this whole idea or concept of seeing a male escort is worth the time and effort. Believe me it is worth it with Lucius, in every possible way.

For me the decision to reach out to Lucius was months in the making. Being married, a mother and a businesswoman there was a lot to consider with this whole process. I had reached out to a few escorts just trying to understand the whole process. Many were either unresponsive or some I only got an assistant. Lucius’s response from my initial contact was immediate. He answered any and all of my questions. There was never any pressure and he was so understanding of my process and why I was wanting to reach out to him. We exchanged a few emails and got to know each other which was not something I expected but something I appreciated and I ended up moving forward my first booking.

This initial booking was overnight a few hours from Sydney. Lucius was very accommodating with the travel and seemed quite happy to come to me. It is quite difficult to explain just how epic our initial booking was. I’m sure Lucius could tell how nervous I was. He helped put me at ease straight away and things just progressed so naturally. It was a night I won’t forget.

We’ve had overnights. Shorter bookings and also a lot of day bookings which works best for me and my lifestyle. Lucius again quite often travels to any location that works for me and always seems happy to do so.

I didn’t intend to see Lucius quite as regularly as I now do but this too was a natural progression. There has been so many unforeseen advantages to seeing Lucius as regularly as I do. The flow-on effects into the rest of my life have been tenfold and I find myself more present and happier in all aspects. Not to mention much more efficient as a businesswoman and achieving goals I never would have thought possible. He has this way of building you up and making you feel you can take on anything.

Lucius always presents amazingly. Prompt, efficient and professional. He listens and actually hears you! Kind and the perfect gentleman. But on the flip side of that, he has this epic body and this ability to take you to places sexually that are just indescribable. Every booking has been better than the last as he seems to want to learn more about what it is I need and he just adapts and provides an even more epic experience the next time. Hence the weekly bookings for months. He is really quite addictive.

Apologies for this long testimonial but I hope it helps anyone like me who wants to reach out to an escort but is still unsure. Whether you are wanting a once-off or something more regular I really think there is no one else that could come close to the service he provides. I am most certainly a long term client here.


February 24, 2022 at 10:00pm

Ladies, this review may be a little longer than most but keep reading, it’s worth it. I promise. I felt the need to write a follow-up review for Lucius. First review below is from November and while still very accurate I’ve got so much more to say now.

I have now seen Lucius 8 times over the past 2 months. So I guess you could call me a regular client. What started off as a great escape from reality has turned into something that has improved literally every area of my life. I run a successful business and family and my life requires me to constantly operate at a very high level.

Lucius is my sexy fun passionate escape that I never knew I needed. Seeing him regularly allows me to escape into another world for a time and then come back to my reality and be the very best version of myself. I’m more present, efficient and so much happier in my everyday reality and I certainly won’t be stopping seeing him anytime soon.

Lucius is kind, professional and sexy as hell. Do yourself a favour ladies. Stop wondering and just contact him.

The communication with him has also been another amazing part. He makes it easy and not so intimidating. He is very responsive and respectful while also being able to discuss logistics and fantasies in a way that just makes sense. I’m not in Sydney but Lucius has always been willing to come to wherever I’ve suggested. It never seems to be too much trouble and he will always try and make the logistics work.

I’m not going to go into his expertise in the bedroom other than to say we’ve had all manner of bookings. 2, 3, 4 and 12-hour bookings during the day and also overnights. He is always punctual and every booking he somehow seems to raise the bar. It’s better every time. You can tell he has thought exactly about my needs and even more creative ways to give me what I need.

Lucius takes his job very seriously.

Simply put. I’d highly recommend seeing Lucius regularly. I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to. He really is that good.


January 3, 2022 at 3:15 pm

This week I had my first experience with Lucius.

It was overnight and to say I was a bundle of nerves is an understatement. Lucius helped put me at ease straight away. He has a calming presence about him. An absolutely amazing listener and his touch and skills in the bedroom are the best I have ever experienced. The conversation flowed easily the entire time. I have already rebooked Lucius and looking forward to experiencing again what he has to offer. 

If anyone is sitting on the fence regarding their first time doing this, then just book Lucius and have a real experience!


November 19, 2021 at 7:13 pm

Lucius has an aura that immediately put me at ease. My nerves quickly calmed and our conversation flowed naturally. The personality that he shows through his profile is exactly who he is in person. Kind, respectful and completely in tune with what I was looking for from my experience. And what an experience it was! His physicality was sensual, strong and insatiable. 

Thank you Lucius! x


August 30, 2021 at 2:26 pm

This was my first time doing this kind of thing. I just came out of a long relationship and was looking for comfort first and foremost with the additional benefit of mind-altering sex…. I certainly got both with Lucius.

I was nervous at first, but Lucius’s kind and friendly manner put me at ease straight away. The conversation was great and once in the bedroom he led the way and our night together was nothing short of amazing!!

He gave me everything I didn’t know I was missing out on.

Lucius is not only intelligent and able to hold a conversation, but he also knows when to shut the fuck up and do what he’s being paid to do … and he takes care of that incredibly well.

Definitely a long term client here x


October 7, 2021 at 7:41 pm

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